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The form of addition questions
10.Hello! In what kind of offenses can be solved by a driver's license? Please reply.
For a replacement of passport if age is exceeded for a period of 25 years, how much somoni extra charge or penalty is appointed?
Hello, whether can MIA officers join the ranks of political parties? 2. A retired of MIA? If they have not, in any laws or regulations specified. Thank you.
Good afternoon! In the case of registration of a motor vehicle and receiving state number employee of State traffic police, requires first tax paid for vehicle, after then issue a license plate and vehicle technical passport. Is the requirement of traffic policeman legitimate? If not, in what document it is stated?
Hi! In case of exceeding the music sound inside the vehicle, according to what law have made the report?
Hello! To replace a driver's license for a period of 10 years if the deadline has passed, I can pass the exam if the replacement driver's license?
Hi militia officers! I have a question. I got a passport, but there wrote another's Inn, what can I do?
Hi! I am 16 years old; have I right to obtain a driver's license? Can I get it with the passport?
Hello, I would like to know about sports-ground mode of operation, which is near the residential house, how many hours allowed in nighttime, if there is a possibility to take the extra time, if necessary, which authority gives permission?
Good afternoon the militiamen! I am a resident of Rudaki district, I have a one question: about a month ago on my vehicle, which was parked on the street near the fence of our neighbor down the fence and staff regional inspector came in and made the act, since that time has passed three weeks, but so far the word about help, I did not hear. If they will refuse to help, where do I apply? (My vehicle is insured.)
Good afternoon! I am a citizen of Tajikistan, I am in Russia. I get a driver's license Police Traffic of Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2009. Are the actual those rights in Russia?
Good afternoon! I would like to know how to get to the department, "Safe City" to resolve contentious issues? It is necessary to look at the video.?
Could you provide a list of the necessary documents to exchanging passport.?
Good afternoon! Is it possible to get information about the former militia staff of MIA Tajik SSR (my father)? Where to send inquiry?
I am a retired (pensioner) from DMIA in Dushanbe, in 1996 retired superannuation. Then learned that the disease can retire when I designed the pension, by the workers of the personal staff was not offered and did not give directions to a medical commission. During the service I got chronic hypertensive disease first degree. At the moment can I renew the retired due to illness?
Hello, I am a Russian citizen, was born in Dushanbe, and lived until 2002 in the Republic of Tajikistan. Now I’m looking for a job and need help to get a reference - a proof of my lack of citizenship of the Republic of Tajikistan. How do I get it?
Good afternoon! Where can you go for fraud to Tajik citizen. He fraudulently forged documents and was able to gain the confidence and get me 15,000 euros. Tell me what address you can send an Application instituting proceedings for fraud. Thank you!
Can you tell how to find a man ... They used to live in Tursunzade district, Akmachit, apartments in the form of a barrack. Boys name Tavuskhanov Rusam Hudzhamorodovich, born in 1981, on 12 December. Father died, and his mother from Russian, the son did not give by grandparents.... There was a war ... Tell me where to go to find him .... Please, I will wait for a response.
Dear Minister! Tell me, who are monitoring the installation of traffic signs? In Asht distrist in Sughd region one single intersection, which is organized circular motion and there on all sides by the entrance to the intersection of the sign with an additional 2.1 plaques 7.13 that two of them does not match this place. Which from side Shaydan and Bulak villages.
Thank you for your site. Good site. All ministries should have such a site. Previously haven’t thought that the Interior Ministry has necessary and useful site. True, not all questions are given full answers. I think it will have to pay attention. Thanks again.
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Operatively-search activity: History and modernity

The book Operative-search activity: History and modernity of Minister of the Interior Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro- PhD, Honored Lawyer of Tajikistan Lieutenant General of Militia published in Russian language.

The paper highlights the issues of history of formation and development of operational and investigative activities in the historic and modern Tajikistan, which has not yet been covered in our jurisprudence.

The book is intended for faculty, adjuncts, students, cadets and operational law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Tajikistan.

A new book by the Minister of Internal Affairs

The monograph under heading; "Operative-search measures: Legal bases", whose author is Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro, Minister of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant-General, PhD, Honored Lawyer of Tajikistan, was published in Russian lavguage as the language of interethnic communication.

Which examines the development of operational and investigative activities in modern Tajikistan, concept, some of the features and the order of carrying out of operatively-search actions, as well as the order of the results of operational search actions for investigator, body of inquiry, the prosecutor and the court.

This book is intended for teachers, adjuncts, students, cadets, and operational law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Training manual

This manual is designed to provide a uniform legal practice experience, and serves as a training tool for the control of procurement of drugs, which is considered one of the most effective search operations.  


 The Review to textbook Rahimov R.H. "Operative-search activity"

from name of the Deputy Majlisi Oli Republic of the Tajikistan Imomova A.Kh.,

candidate of the legal sciences, state adviser to justices 2nd degree.



It Is Approved

Strategy of the reform to militias on 2013 - 2020

The Strategy of the reform to militias on 2013-2020 (hereinafter Strategy), founding on rate of the Constitutions of the Republic of Tajikistan, defines to purposes, priorities and measures on reform and development to militias, and reflects the actions a Government Republic of Tajikistan on urgent period.

The second edition of the textbook "Operative-search activity"

 Published a second book "Operative-search activity» by author Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro. This book covers the basic aspects of this type of legal activity; it used forward practices in the field of the law of prominent scientist and as a reference book designed to teach in higher and secondary special educational institutions relevant organs.

The third edition of the textbook "Operative-search activity"

The textbook " Operative-search activity " by author Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro prepared taking into account the time requirements and normative legal acts in this area, covering general aspects of this type of legal activities.

This book in order to improve and develop the activities of law enforcement agencies, designed for a wide range of readers, to wit teachers, graduate students and adjuncts, students, cadets, employees of operational investigative activities, prosecutors, judges, lawyers.


The speech of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Emomali Rahmon on solemn meeting in honour of

Day to militias”.



Telephone 1919

By initiative of Interior Minister Lieutenant - General of militia  Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro the telephone switch 1919 has been functioned in the country for all units of the interior ministry across Tajikistan.  

Calling this number from mobile phones, (GPRS, CDMA) and fixed line phones citizens may get in touch with police departments and stations to report a crime, emergencies, complaints, or any important information.   

Telephone of the confidence

Telephone of the confidence

Minister of the internal of Affairs.

(8372) 221-21-21 

The Telephone of the confidence of the subdivisions

MIA RT DMIA in Dushanbe town.

(8372) 221-15-00

DMIA in Sogd region

(83422) 6-22-22

DMIA in Khatlon region

(83222) 2-13-13

DMIA in Badakhshan region

(83522) 2-21-21

 Zonal subdivision DMIA Khatlon region, Kulyab area

(83322) 3-39-79

DMIA groups region Rasht

(83131) 2-21-21

The Announcement!

The Ministry internal of Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan

invites the specialist with knowledge of the Chinese language for working:

The Requirements to candidate:

- a higher education;

- a knowledge of the Chinese language on professional level;

- a knowledge Tajik and Russian languages is greeted;

- an age - before 35 years;

- military

The Interested persons can send their own CV to e-mail:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Telephone for contact:


mobile reporter

The official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan established Page "Mobile Reporter" (regardless of nationality), in which citizens can quickly send their videos related crimes offenses, violations of the law, accidents, natural disasters, fires, accidents and other incidents, reflecting wide public resonance.

Best video images offered by "mobile reporter" will be evaluated by the Commission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan and will be awarded with valuable prizes, cash prizes. Also for the end of quarter, if the best posted video counted towards the best, regardless of the consideration received from the previous competitions, will again awarded.

"Mobile Reporter" using social networking sites such as; Viber, WhatsApp, IMO, Telegrams, WeChat can send their news, messages, video images, videos to mobile number + 992 939 222 111 or e-mail the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. online.

Citizens due their request can send materials in three languages; Tajik, Russian and English.

Confidentiality of the persons sent their materials will be guaranteed.