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Winners of the competition "The best operative worker"


On April 9, 2019, in the conference hall of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was held a competition for operational-search activities among officers of the internal affairs agencies and the State Committee for National Security, with the participation of the Interior Minister, Militia Colonel-General Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro, Head of the State National Security Committee, Colonel-General Saymumin Yatimov and staff of both departments. 

At the beginning of the competition, Minister of the Interior Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro stressed that one of the activities of law enforcement agencies is operational search activity.


He also noted that in previous years there were not several types of publications and publications on Operational-Search Activity due to the fact that there were no high schools in the Republic of Tajikistan to study this subject. For training in this area, staff members of the structures were sent to study in other countries.

Fortunately, with the acquisition of state independence, the Republic of Tajikistan is one of the leading republics of Central Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States in this direction.
Therefore, the holding of such contests, conferences and scientific and practical events in this area, primarily contributes to the professionalism and cooperation in the implementation of the assigned official tasks of all law enforcement agencies. In particular, operational-search measures in the field of the threat of terrorism, extremism, drugs and weapons carry out important tasks.
Then the Head of the State Committee for National Security, Colonel-General Sayumin Yatimov, made a speech and stressed with confidence that the result of this competition was, above all, the strengthening of friendship and fraternity between the two structures in order to ensure public order and prosperity in our country.


This competition was attended by 20 employees of the Ministry of the Interior and the State Committee for National Security.

Thus, in the competition “The best operative worker” the first places were taken by the GKNB employee Nargis Radjabova and the police officer police captain Avazdzhon Saidov, were also awarded a cash bonus of 5 thousand somoni. The second places were taken by GKNB officer Ensign Behruz Vositov and Interior Officer Police Captain Anushervon Zoidzoda and were awarded a cash prize of 4,000 somoni.
The third place holders were KGNB officer Ensign Umaralia Faizali and Interior Officer Senior Police Lieutenant Dovud Sidzhoev, and were awarded a cash prize of 3,000 somoni.
Thus, other active participants for their excellent service and high professional skills in the field of operational and investigative activities were awarded Diplomas and Letters of Thanks.


Also, two officers, Ensign Turaboy Davlatzoda, a GKNB employee and a police lieutenant Yusuf Sheralizoda with the badges of the Ministry of the Interior, “The best operative worker”.

Todjiddin LATIPOV

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