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Cooperation of militia bodies with the public


The trust of the population is important in the process of preventing crime and crime, the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior pays great attention to further strengthening work in this part.

Thus, on July 10 of this year, militia officers found a minor boy in the territory of the Jaihong District militia department and returned him to his parents.
It was found that on July 9 of this year, a 9-year-old boy, Makhmadshoev Davlatsho, who lives in the Vakhsh district of Khatlon region, while visiting Dushanbe, left his relatives' house and did not return.
Earlier, the parents of this child turned to militia officers for assistance.
It is also worth noting that citizens through the Facebook public site contributed to the search for the missing boy.
In cooperation between users of social networks and militia officers, the boy was found and returned to his parents.

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