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Valamat-Zade, Gafar Rustamovich


Gafar Rustamovich Valamat-Zade (Tajik. Kaffor Valamatzoda; 1916 - 1993) - Soviet Tajik ballet dancer, dancer, choreographer, choreographer, opera director, teacher. People's Artist of the USSR (1976). Laureate of the Stalin Prize (1949).

Gafar Valamat-Zade was born on April 26 (May 9) 1916 in the village. Kairakkum (now in the Sughd region of Tajikistan) (according to other sources - in Khojent.
In 1930-1932 he studied at the musical and theatrical college in Khojent, in 1944-1946 he was practicing at the Moscow Choreographic School at the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR, in 1947-1951 he studied at the choreographer department of the GITIS. A. V. Lunacharsky in Moscow.
He was a performer of folk dances. Since 1932 - in the troupe of the Uzbek Musical Theater in Tashkent (now the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater named after Alisher Navoi), then he worked in the Khujand Musical Drama Theater named after. A. Pushkin (now the Khujand Theater of Musical Comedy named after K. Khujandi).
Since 1934 - ballet dancer and choreographer, from 1951 to 1963 - chief ballet master of the Tajik Opera and Ballet Theater named after S. Aini (Stalinabad, now Dushanbe).
Since 1963 - director and artistic director of the Tajik Philharmonic named after I. A. Rudaki.
Since 1965 - organizer, artistic director and chief choreographer of the State Dance Ensemble "Lola".
The performances organically combine elements of classical and Tajik folk dance. He staged many dances, of which the most famous are: the Tulip Festival, Songs of the Mountains, Pamir Wedding, Happiness Came, Spring in Tajikistan suites, the Joy and Snake dances. In addition to Tajik dances, the ensemble's repertoire includes dances of the peoples of the world and the countries of the East.
He toured with the ensemble in the cities of the USSR and abroad: Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Mongolia, France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, East Germany, India, Sweden.
He made a great contribution to the training of professional dancers.
Member of the CPSU (b) since 1942. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR of the 2-5th (1947-1962) and 7th (1967-1970) convocations.
Gafar Valamat-Zade died on December 12, 1993 in Dushanbe. Buried at the Luchob cemetery.

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