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Competition "Auto-Lady-2018" in Dushanbe


On the eve of Mother's Day on March 3, 2018, the "Auto-Lady-2018" competition was held at the A. Tursunov autodrome in Dushanbe.

At this event participated, deputy Minister of the Interior, Major-General of the militia Saidzoda Mahmadsaid Boron, Head of the UGAI MIA Colonel of the militia Nasimzoda Akbar Giyos, deputy head of the UGAI MIA Colonel of the militia Sherali Salimov, leading specialist of the Youth and Sports Department of Dushanbe Bibi Nurmamadova, representative of the Committee on Women and Family Affairs under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan Zulfiya Davlatzoda, representatives of the Mass Media, and other guests.


With a solemn speech, this event was opened by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Saidzoda Mahmadsaid Boron and congratulated all the beautiful women on the upcoming holiday, noted that the role of women in society is great even in the period of independence with the support of the Founder of Peace and National Unity, the Leader of the Nation, the President Republic of Tajikistan respected Emomali Rahmon, it has become more significant and today the fair sex members are doing well in all spheres of life. It is important to note that female drivers follow the rules of the road better than men and try not to violate them.


The purpose of such competitions is to attract the attention of the population in the field of road safety, increase the professional qualities of women and knowledge of traffic rules.

In the contest "Auto-Lady-2018", more than 50 women drivers with good driving skills took part. This competition consisted of five nominations "Acquaintance" - "Me and the car", "Traffic regulations", "Driving skills at the Autodrome", "First aid" and "Culinary skills".


According to the results of summing up the results of the contest "Auto-Lady-2018", the jury members determined the winners who best dealt with the contest terms and thus, Madina Nazarova won the first place and the "Auto-Lady-2018" prize, Silsilamoh Azimov and Mutabar Azimova, third place was taken by three girls Rakhima Sabzalieva, Usmonova Barnogul and Salmonova Surayo.


At the end of the competition "Auto-Lady-2018" on behalf of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.

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